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Lexington Beerworks is your best option for homebrewing supplies and we are dedicated to helping you brew the best beer possible.  Each month, we offer three different beer brewing classes designed to help people of all skill levels become better brewers.
Our Introduction to Home Brewing class should be the starting point for all new brewers.  In this class we spend two hours going through the entire process of making an extract batch of homebrew.  All the basics are taught including sanitation, ingredients, bottling and more.
The Advanced Brewing Techniques class is the perfect opportunity to learn some of the advanced tools and tricks that will make your brews better.  Dry hopping, yeast starters, kegging and more are discussed.

Ready to make the leap to all grain brewing?  Come let us show you how its done as we teach you the process for traditional all grain brewing and the newer Brew-In-A-Bag method.

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'Cook' the ingredients, this step releases the colors, flavors and aroma from the hops and malt.


Add yeast and let them eat all the sugar and produce alcohol.
beer bottle3


Rack your beer into a bottling bucket and bottle. Many people will also keg their beer.

Carbonation and Drinking

Allow the finished beers to sit at room temperature for about 2 week for the live yeast to convert the remaining sugar in to CO2. Then open and enjoy with friends!

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